In 1924 Agustí Agut and his wife Paquita founded an old tavern, later to became the Fonda Restaurante Agut, which back then served the crews from the nearby port.

Later, during the dark years of the Civil War and the post-war, the restaurant kept serving its loyal clients even behind closed doors.

In the 1950s and 1960s, and with the assistance of their son-in-law Josep Castellví, it became well renowned when the Catalonian intelligentsia and the art world found there their secluded spot, as the numerous pictures hanging on its walls testify. These are by young Catalonian artists of the period, who exchanged their work for meals in the restaurant with their friends.

Nowadays, following a careful rehabilitation in the year 2001, L'Agut continues offering old-time traditional Catalonian cooking with small touches of seasonal cuisine, again, in its ever distinctive bohemian and friendly atmosphere.

50 years later the paintings remain in their place, witnessing the passing of time.