- Tomato salad with spring onion and bonito

- Herb salad with croustons & melted cheese

- Salad of gizzards of duck with raspberries

- Fried artichokes

- Salad with seafood in "romesco" sauce

- Terrina of eggplant with goat’s cheese

- Catalan-style broad beans

- Sauteed mushrooms of season with blood sausage

- Mashed cabbage and potatoes with bacon

- Fisherman’s soup

- Cannelloni

- Sauteed pasta with prawns

- Rice with lobster

- Rice with cuttlefish and mushrooms

- "Fideuà" sautéed noodle casserole



- Small squids in ink sauce

- Skewered prawns with parmesan cheese in graten

- Monkfish with browned garlic and clams

- Hamburgers of cuttlefish with vegetables chips

- Cod and red pepper au gratin with garlic mayonnaise

- Cuttlefish with meatballs

- Fried squid with black rice


- Carré of lamb with savoury herbs and potatoes

- Ox tail in red wine

- Roast leg of kid

- Beef filet with truffle sauce and mushrooms

- Quails with "escalivada"

- Knuckle of veal with figs

- Magret of duck with raspberries sauce

- Pig’s trotters stuffed with sausage


- "Civet" of wild boar

- Partridge with cabbage


- Small rich custards with raspberries sauce

- Profiteroles with hot chocolate

- Lemon mousse with strawberries sauce

- Orange cake with chocolate sauce

- Millefeuille of soft cheese with quince

- Two chocolates cake

- Orange mould with raspberries coulis

- Catalan cream

- Egg custard

- Soft cheese with honey

- Figs with cream

- Catalan’s pineapple

- Fruits brochette with chocolate